Tips for Beginning Boaters

Beginning Boaters Tips

Work your way up slowly in size – It is wise to start out with a smaller boat and work your way up to a larger one as you gain experience and knowledge. Starting out with a large boat can lead to trouble for a beginning boater. That goes for size and power.

Best to learn in calm waters - Calm water is easier and safer to learn on. Choppy waters can be difficult to navigate, and speed plays a larger role when water is rough. First time out especially.

Check the weather before leaving – Emphasis on before. Knowing what is coming will help you be prepared for what may otherwise surprise you. If Storms are predicted, it is best to cancel the outing that day if at all possible.

Let others know where you are going – Give someone who is staying on shore your itinerary for the day, including time they should expect you back. If you run into trouble or get stranded, this could save you a lot of trouble and time.

Alcohol = NO – Too many accidents in boatng involve alcohol. Your boat is no different than your car. Don’t do it. Things can happen fast when you are flying across the lake.

Check the plug – Here is a common mistake with new boaters that definitely deserves mention. Check the plug. Then when you are done, go check it again. Train everyone in your family so that every time they get into the boat they take a quick peak to see if the plug is in.