How To Clean A LIvewell Properly

How to clean your livewell

Boat livewells tend to get neglected on some boats and can get rather bad smelling after some time and repeated use. Taking the time to give your livewells a good cleaning can give you and your fishing buddies a better experience and feeling when you are dropping those trophies in tank.

One thing to remember is that you always want to use a non-toxic cleaner when cleaning the livewells. Avoid strong detergents and other chemicals as they can have a bad impact on the fish that are placed in the livewell.

First thing to do is remove the filter screens from the livewell and also the intake. Give them a good shot of water with a hose. Be sure they are clear of deposits and clogs.

Next grab some baking soda and hot water. A few tablespoons will be fine. Get a good scrub brush and start at the bottom and move onto the sides. Once you have scrubbed it down good, flush it out several times to remove all residue, debris and solution.

Now you will have a livewell that looks and smells clean. Popping the lid open will be a much better experience now.